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About The Scheme

DSM Regulations were inducted in 2014 to ensure cost effective DSM initiatives are being undertaken by Power Discoms. DSM programmes can be broadly classified as energy efficiency, peak load reduction, load shifting and load building programmes.The Primary focus of DSM initiatives is to bring down the overall energy use by using technologies and optimizing the available energy. Demand management also includes the adoption of load management programmes, which aim to determine an effective strategy to bring down peak load.

AC Scheme by Haryana Discoms under Demand Side Management

  • AC scheme formulated under DSM regulations, 2014 and approved by HERC
  • Empanelled OEMs*- Daikin, Blue Star and Voltas
  • Consumers can replace their old/inefficient ACs or install new super-efficient AC of ISEER 5.41 rating
  • The scheme is only for domestic consumers of UHBVN & DHBVN
  • Maximum limit per consumer account number- 3 ACs for replacement and 1 AC for new installation
  • Scheme accessible through online portal of the Discom
  • Authorized dealer/ OEMs will dispose-off the old AC in an environment friendly manner
  • AC Price - Available at a discount upto 59% on MRP
  • AC Capacity & Type - 1.5 Ton, Split AC
  • Scheme​ ​​is valid upto ​​24.09.2021

Get rewarded this season with new super energy efficient with ISEER 5.41 Rating

Save More, Pay Less | Exclusive Exchange Offer

The rate for the consumers and subsidy to be offered by the Discoms to the dealer is as follows:        (in Rs.)
Household Type Offers MRP Amount Subsidy offered Final Amount to be Paid Discount on MRP
Urban New AC 69000 39548 2000 37548 46%
Exchange Old AC 69000 36413 4000 32413 53%
Rural New AC 69000 39548 4000 35548 48%
Exchange Old AC 69000 36413 8000 28413 59%
The Standard installation of AC covers following scope:
  • Copper piping 3 meter Length.
  • Power supply cable 3 meter lenght.
  • Insulation of copper piping.
  • Mounting of Indroor & Outdoor Units with requisite accessories and brackets (stand).
  • Joining of indoor & Outdoor units with copper piping.
  • Connection Air conditioner with power supply.
  • Providing drain pipe 3 meter length.
  • Minor Civil work.
  • 10 years Compressor Warranty.
Optional accessories beyond standard installation is as follows:
(Installation charges (in Rs.) to be incurred by the consumer)
Item Details Daikin Air Conditioning India Pvt. Ltd Blue Star Limited Voltas Limited
Stabilizer 4 kVA 1,640 1,640 1,640
Copper piping 590 590 590
Electrical Wire 118 118 118
Drain Pipe 95 95 95
Benefits for Consumers
  • Attractive buy-back offers from the leading AC brands
  • Discount upto 59% on MRP
  • Estimated annual savings by using a super-efficient AC vs a 3-star AC
    Assumption – (Daily running of 6 hrs, 150 days in a year)
  •             ●         Units of electricity saved - 657 units
  •             ●         Reduction in electricity bill- Rs.4664 approx.
  • Warranty:
  •             ●         1 year for complete equipment
  •             ●         10 years for compressor
  • Authorized dealers will install AC at the consumer’s premises


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 What is the AC replacement scheme?

    In the AC Scheme, consumers can replace their old/inefficient ACs or install new super-efficient AC of ISEER 5.41 rating

  • ACs available under the scheme are of 1.5 Ton capacity presently.

  • Consumer may register his/her request/ registration form on the DSM AC replacement scheme portal

    Under the scheme, the consumer may avail rebate on the following three brands of 1.5 TR Split ACs

    • Daikin
    • Blue Star
    • Voltas

    At the time of registration, the consumer must select the manufacturer based on their choice and the selection shall not be changed at any time after completion of the registration and issuance of Unique Registration Number. The same registration number would be shared with Implementation Agency e.g. selected manufacturer. Consumer will receive the SMS at every stage of the application process. The consumer will receive the contact number of the dealer who will replace the AC, for this the consumer has to call that OEM / manufacturer with reference of booking (Registration no.), and then dealer would carry out the physical verification of the old installed AC at consumer premises. If found everything in place, new Energy efficient AC would be offered to the consumer.

    • Consumer should have a domestic connection from UHBVN/DHBVN
    • Consumer should not be a defaulter
  • No, the scheme is only valid for domestic consumers of UHBVN and DHBVN.

  • Input electrical load of Inverter AC varies in a range min to max of rated capacity as per its cooling load, however fixed speed AC operates only at full rated capacity only. In this way Inverter AC provides better energy saving than the conventional fixed speed AC.

  • UHBVN/DHBVN shall not be responsible, liable for the quality, performance of the AC and after sale services to be provided by the manufacturer, dealer etc.

    The discom in no manner promote the quality, performance of the product (air conditioner) or manufacturer's claims on the product and is relying upon the market research and other product surveys so produced by the manufacturer/dealers only.

    In case of any defect, deficiencies in after sale services or in the product quality or performance availed under the scheme, any such issues, complaints; disputes arising thereon shall be solely dealt by consumers with the manufacturer only.

  • The old ACs from this scheme would be disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid misuse as well as keeping in mind the safety hazards. The old ACs shall be restored in the OEM warehouse from where the same shall be disposed of as per the applicable laws through an authorized disposal agency. The disposal certificate shall also be issued by such agency.

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Empanelled Firms

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